Nurseries in Doha

Unravelling new things, each day…

Under the caring hands of our experienced staff, our Toddlers program suits the natural state of curiosity cherished by children at this age. As toddlers begin to explore the world and communicate their thoughts into precise words and actions they become more independent.

Our Toddlers program will build your child’s skills and confidence through games, songs, movement and art in a participative group. This will develop your child’s creative expression and cooperation.

Program Features

  • Child-centered play in a small group enviroment
  • A perfect balance of nurturing, learning and playtime
  • Various activities that support focused learning for this age group
  • Regular parent-teacher communication to keep you informed about your child’s day-to-day activities


Your Tweenie’s Day

Getting your child prepared for preschool!

Nurseries in Doha

Physical Development

Developing your child’s motor skills and coordination while discovering his/her physical abilities.

Nurseries in Doha

Cognitive Development

Greater participation in activities that enhance cognitive development, such as counting, recognizing numbers and shapes, experimenting with volume and measurement.

Nurseries in Doha

Communication Development

Developing a rich vocabulary for your child by engaging him/her in songs, plays and a variety of activities.

Nurseries in Doha

Social Development

Regular group interaction to develop your child’s sense of social cooperation and independence.

Nurseries in Doha

Creative Arts

Helping your child to express him/herself through artistic and creative activities such as dancing, painting and pretend plays.