Our Approach


At Giggles, we believe in learning through play and we have our special combination of “Mother Goose” and “High Scope” School Readiness Program. The program focuses on the child’s communication skills, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. The kids’ routine include Language and Literacy, Science and Sensory, Math and Manipulative, Arabic and Islamic, hands-on experiences plus weekly Music & Movement and Yoga & Relaxation classes.


In Giggles Day Care, parents are welcome to visit the premises any time during the day. If consultation with a child care provider is needed, please let us know ahead of time so that the child care provider can give you their undivided attention.
Parents can expect on-going communication with staff concerning their child’s progress and their program activities through the iCare app that we are currently using. Parents will receive a daily report and they can message the teacher through the app for any further information.
Parents concerned with the care of their child, or any incidents at the centre are urged to speak with their child care provider, and if not satisfied to talk to the Director.

Safety & Hygiene

Safety of the kids is our number one priority therefore we have implemented the following safety measures:
• We have a full time guard that is at the gate at all times
• Our classes, equipment, and facilities are regularly monitored against safety hazards and any damages
• We run regular fire drills to train our kids and staff on how to act in case of a fire emergency
• We have camera system that covers all the areas of the day care.
• We follow a strict release policy and only authorized people mentioned in the registration form are allowed to pick up the child
• In the event of an accident, parents are notified immediately and an accident form is filled and kept in the child’s file
• We have dedicated people that are on board every day to maintain the hygiene of our classes and equipment
• Our nurse runs constant checkups on the hygiene of the kids and makes sure parents are well informed about our hygiene policy


Parents are responsible to provide all meals and snacks for their child on a daily basis. Parents are also responsible to provide in writing any special dietary needs or instructions for their child prior to the child’s first day. Giggles Day care will provide only minimal preparation for the child’s meal which includes heating and/or refrigerating.
For Meals timing, please refer to your child’s timetable. Giggles Day Care recommends that all meals are nutritionally balanced and contains one representative of each of the four (4) major food groups (Fruits, Vegetables, Grains and Proteins). If you require any nutritional assistance, we will be more than happy to provide you with guidance. We do not throw away any left-over meal items in order for the parents to see how much the child consumed during the day.
Giggles Day Care is a nut-free zone. Any kind of food that contains nuts of any kind is not allowed and will be returned to the parents.
Junk foods such as fizzy drinks, chocolates and sweets, sugary treats, chips are also not allowed in Giggles Day Care.

Health & Medication

Giggles Day Care follows a strict sick-policy; we provide a full-time qualified nurse that checks the kids regularly. Children are routinely checked upon arrival and in case of any health concerns the parent will be informed immediately.
Medication can be administered by the health care practitioner provided that it is in the original container, labelled with the child’s name and the signed authorization paper by the parents is provided with the medication.
Giggles Day Care takes into consideration the dusty weather conditions that cover Doha for a significant period of the year therefore we provided each classroom with an air purifier.
If a child becomes sick at Day Care, the parent or if parent is unable to be reached the person authorized to pick up in the case of an emergency will be called and asked to pick up the child. The staff will isolate the child from the other children and make him/her as comfortable as possible.
In line with our aim to provide a healthy and safe environment for the children and the staff, Giggles Day Care will not accept sick children.

A Typical Day

Each class has its own schedule with age appropriate activities that are specially designated for them to ensure a smooth running of the daily routine of our little ones. A typical day in Giggles consist of the following:
• Classroom – Drop off Time
• Indoor/Outdoor Play
• Breakfast
• Circle Time
• Teacher guided learning that includes 2 of these topics every day: Arabic & Islamic, Math & Manipulative, Language & Literacy, Science and Sensory, Creative Art, Music & Movement, Story Telling
• Indoor/Outdoor Play
• Lunch Time
• Table Top Activities such as Lego, Playdough, Puzzles, Building Blocks, Lacing, Coloring & Cutting
• Snack Time
• Indoor/Outdoor Play
• Classroom – Pick up Time