Discovering the world in a nurturing environment…

We have created a nurturing world for infants to help them develop physically and psychologically. We have created this environment while keeping parents in mind who are looking for a safe and secure place where their child can have fun while learning and growing. At Giggles, you can watch your infant as he or she takes thier first step toward a bright future.

Keeping in mind that infants are unique and have thier own in their ways of playing, feeding and sleeping, we use a certain guide that helps prepare your infant to this world. With our experienced staff members, we are dedicated to making the first transition away from home easy for your child.

Your Infant’s Day

The early stages of your child’s infant experiences are important for his or her mental development. Focused personal attention from the teachers to include, singing, reading and talking, is critical in promoting basic cognitive and social skills.


Physical Development

Developing your child’s motor skills through Building Bodies activities. This would help your child build physical strength and coordination in their day-to-day activities.


Cognitive Development

Building your child’s sensory skills through Brain Games activities. This will help develop your child’s senses related to memory, spatial orientation and cause and effect.


Communication Development

Enhancing your child’s language and communication skills by engaging them in an environment rich with sounds, sights and consistent participation to speech and language.


Social Development

Improving your child’s feelings of self-esteem, pride, trust, friendship and humor by participating in conversations and focused personal attention.