Developing self esteem and confidence while building friendly relationships…

At this stage of your child’s growth process, he/she is excited to see, do and make things on his/her own. Your child develops relationships towards the people around him/her while starting to walk, talk and learn how to express feelings and emotions.

In order to ensure that your child is well-guided in this critical developmental stage, we have developed programs that enhance cognitive, motor, language and social skills. We will lead your child as they start turning their ideas into words and develop self-confidence through regular group interaction.

Program Features

  • Daily group interaction to improve socializing skills
  • A good balance between nurturing, playtime and learning
  • Development of confidence, self- esteem and love for learning
  • Dramatic play, creative arts, language and sensory exploration
  • Regular parent-teacher communication will keep you informed on your child’s day-to-day activities


Your Crawler’s Day

Our daily activities concentrate on developing confidence and building relationships as they begin to wonder about their world.

Physical Development

Developing your child’s motor skills in a safe environment. With your child’s natural curiosity and eagerness to explore the world, our facilities are designed to discover, build motor skills and improve coordination.


Cognitive Development

Building your child’s sensory and mental skills by participating in a variety of fun and interactive activities such as matching and sorting, colors, counting and categorizing objects.


Communication Development

Encouraging your child to communicate his needs and express his feelings.


Social Development

Improving your child’s self-esteem while gaining awareness of others and realizing a sense of group identity.


Creative Arts

Participating in music, dance and drama while exploring art activities to develop your child’s sense of creativity.